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I just submitted an RFP response yesterday that included two 3D color renderings. We had only 4 days to prepare the response, which left only a few hours to get a rendering. (by the time the dealer had 3D CAD drawings) It just so happened that Sam from Think N 3D Studios called me yesterday morning to see if I had any rendering needs. I told him that if he could produce two full color 3D renderings in two hours I would recommend him to my entire team and use him whenever possible. Sam came through like a champion. We received two beautiful renderings just as we were assembling the document. I highly recommend his services when our corporate resources are not available or you have a time crunch. Sam’s info is listed below.
Thanks again Sam!
Donald Kammann - Global Account Manager

Hello Team,
All the renderings your team did for us came out fantastic. Thanks again for fast turnaround!
Thanks again,

I appreciate all your help. Your work is incredible.
Thank You,
Joseph Belli

This looks great. We do want the other drawing rendered as well.
Thank you,
Eric Becker | Account Executive