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Think N 3D DesignThink N 3D Design
Think N 3D DesignThink N 3D Design
3D Outsourcing
Any company that values its quality will be reluctant to outsource critical work to somebody thousands of miles away. But if you are a 3d rendering firm, you by now would have realised that the most time consuming and accurate yet mechanical process of your business is 3D modeling from architectural drawings. If you partner with a firm which can produce 3d models at half the time and at 30% of your costs, won't that be attractive? If you just look at your competitors you will realise that each one of them has developed a network of back end suppliers in India or China or Russia. This helps them bid for projects they would not have touched earlier, it helps them win bids not only quoting more competitive prices but bidding for larger projects with tighter deadlines.

You always pay only after a project has been delivered. What is more, our regular clients get the benefit of month end billing. That is an average of 15 day credit. And if you are in the U.S, you can pay by check to a local U.S account. We work a heck of a lot harder for you too.

The Unique Team

Think N 3D Studio is not just good in 3d rendering & walkthrough animations, we are also good designers with architecture and interior design background. Our teams are either graduates in Architecture or in Interior Design, Some are even licensed Architects & Interior designers.

This is the edge we have over our competition. The combination of Technical skills, Aesthetic capabilities & Attention to details that make us able to offer the best solutions for your 3d outsourcing needs.

Benefits on Outsourcing to us

>> Your Projects are handled by Experienced & Highly skilled professionals.

>> Quick turnaround time & competitive pricing.

>> Option to work on per project basis or dedicated staff on per hour rates.

>> Constantly Investing in the latest hardware & softwares.

>> Reliable & Great communication skills.

>> We value return Clients & We guarantee our work.